• A Call to Action

    We need a different future and access to sustainable technology. Join a movement for Technology Justice!

    A Call to Action
  • Off-grid Solar

    A new report presents evidence of the impact of solar home systems, using 13 country studies in Africa

    a community in Kenya installs a solar PV system
  • Loss & Damage

    Technology Justice must be a central principle to deliver on Loss and Damage in the new climate agreement

    adapting to climate change through sustainable agriculture
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Our Work

Practical Action’s vision is of a world free of poverty and injustice in which technology is used to the benefit of all.We strive towards this vision by working together with poor communities. We actively share knowledge and seek to influence the policy and practice of others to build greater benefits for all. 
  • Technology Justice

    To achieve a sustainable wellbeing for all we need justice in access, innovation and use of technology
  • Energy Access

    We are committed to the belief that access to appropriate energy services and supplies are central to improved wellbeing
  • DRR

    We reduce the risk of disasters for marginalised groups by mainstreaming DRR into national government plans and policies
  • Agriculture

    We promote sustainable systems of agriculture that provide local food security through agro-ecological technologies
  • Urban Services

    We aim to achieve 'inclusive services: liveable cities', where poor people can enjoy at least a basic level of services
  • Climate Change

    Climate Change affects everyone, but its effects are felt most by the world's poorest and most marginalised communities
  • Markets

    We support market systems and the private sector to work for people living in poverty to increase their income
  • Gender

    We are committed to development practice that benefits both women and men and challenges inequalities
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Connect with us

We are always interested in engaging with other practitioners and those interested in development. We welcome feedback on our work and are interested in opportunities for collaboration.

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Email us at policy@practicalaction.org.uk


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Practical Action uses decades of experience of working with and for poor communities to inform public debate on policy and development issues. Please join our mailing list if you would like to receive news about our latest publications and upcoming events.

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Policy & Practice blogs

  • Sustainable Development Goal 11 and South Asian urban poverty
    The South Asian region comprises India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, The Maldives and Afghanistan. It accounts for 14% of the world urban population and by 2050 most of the population of South Asian countries will be residing in urban areas. However the future for South Asia is greater urban population although most parts of individual countries are rural in nature. Urban population of South Asian Region Urbanisation has happened unevenly.  Some megacities have a high concentration of urban population […]
  • It’s just technology
    Just over a week ago 80 people converged in Edinburgh for two days of inspiration, collaboration and passionate debate about our shared future and how technology will shape it. What would a world with fairer access to technology look and feel like? What would it take to end the use of technology that harms others and the planet.  How must the nature of innovation change to support this? Expert speakers helped us navigate through these huge, complex and at times […]