Resilience is central to sustainable development and responding to the challenge of climate change. With this series, Practical Action will contribute to the resilience debate with learning from our experiences of building community resilience on the ground.

Practical Action's 'From Vulnerability to Resilience Framework' (V2R) has been influential across the development sector, providing a foundation for analysis and action to build community resilience to disasters and support adaptation to climate change.

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The V2R Framework (to download larger version click here)

In each country we work in, Practical Action focuses on those specific areas of the V2R framework where we add value and that are critical to achieving lasting pro-poor systemic change that protects development gains against disasters.

The Zurich Flood Resilience Programme gives Practical Action an unprecedented opportunity to develop and demonstrate innovative and creative approaches to improving the resilience of poor, flood-vulnerable communities.

The Resilience in Practice Briefing Series will share our experience and examples of best practice in resilience-building work around the world.


Adaptive management for resilient communities: Development in a volatile environment

Short-term projects and linear management approaches are often unsuitable for achieving resilient development in the face of volatile complexity. Adaptive management combined with longer-term project funding has the potential to deliver more...


Delivering Early Warning Systems for the Poorest: From flood-vulnerable to flood-resilient communities

Floods are the most common cause of weather-related disasters globally, causing billions of dollars’ worth of damage and the loss of hundreds of thousands of lives. Flood early warning systems can significantly reduce the devastating impacts of...


From Risk to Resilience: A systems approach to building long-term, adaptive wellbeing for the most vulnerable

This policy brief updates Practical Action's thinking and approach to building resilience for the most vulnerable - From Vulnerability to Resilience (V2R). Using the experiences gained from the Zurich Global Flood Resilience Programme and our...


V2R framework (2016 version)

The updated From Vulnerability to Resilience (V2R) framework (2016 version). This guides Practical Action's



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