Now is the time for a radical overhaul of a broken technology system. In this Call to Action we reach out to others who want to be part of this change, part of a movement for Technology Justice.

Woman in Nepal uses a megaphoneThis publication presents the concept of Technology Justice and the case for radical and urgent action to achieve it. It provides an insight into three key global technology injustices, using example cases from different countries and sectors to explore various drivers of this injustice. Including:

  • Why the poor cannot access or use the essential technologies that others take for granted;
  • How misuse and overuse of technologies is damaging the environment we live in now, and stacking up problems for future generations;
  • How technological innovation often contributes to these injustices, and fails to focus on solving the most pressing social and environmental challenges we face.

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We also present an alternative future, within our grasp and opportunities that already exist for us to achieve it. A future where technological innovation creates more equitable access to technology and sustainable use of technology. An urgent change of direction in innovation is needed in order to realise this different future, which requires: a renewed focus on building strong national innovation systems; a greater role for the state in innovation; and new market rules.

We can all be part of a movement for Technology Justice, join with us in action:

  • To collaborate to strengthen evidence and knowledge of more just development and application of technology;
  • To jointly raise voices to challenge the status quo and demand change;
  • To be part of new alliances and partnerships, and forge a new path for technology and innovation, as part of a movement for Technology Justice.
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