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Amber Meikle is Senior Policy and Practice Adviser, leading Practical Action’s influencing work on Technology Justice. Amber’s work builds on our expertise and experience with technology across development sectors and pushes for an overhaul of the way technology is governed to achieve better social and environmental outcomes.

Amber has worked extensively in policy, advocacy and communications roles with NGOs and donors. Prior to joining Practical Action, she was Oxfam’s policy lead in Ethiopia focused on humanitarian response and disaster risk reduction policy. She has also worked as a humanitarian adviser for the UK’s Department for International Development. She started her career in the UK electronics sector. Amber is a vice-chair of the BOND Tech4Dev group.

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  • It’s just technology
    Just over a week ago 80 people converged in Edinburgh for two days of inspiration, collaboration and passionate debate about our shared future and how technology will shape it. What would a world with fairer access to technology look and feel like? What would it take to end the use of technology that harms others and the planet.  How must the nature of innovation change to support this? Expert speakers helped us navigate through these huge, complex and at times […]
  • Technology Justice: a new paradigm for the SDGs
    We are now entering the final few months of discussions that will cement global development targets for the next 15 years.  As discussions on goals and targets conclude and we look towards the vital task of implementation, Practical Action is launching a new series of policy briefing papers that capture the learning from our programme and policy work with technology and development. The first paper, launched today, introduces Technology Justice: a new paradigm to inform the design and implementation of these Sustainable […]
  • Soil testing for better crop yields
    Arriving at Badikhel, we were confronted with a group of ladies, queuing patiently, and brandishing small bags. Inside each bag was a shovel worth of soil. It wasn’t what I was expecting. Badikhel is an information and resource centre, used by the local community to gain knowledge of agricultural practices and technologies which can help them to improve productivity and incomes on their small farms.  (Favourite technologies include the cow lollipop – a cheap, locally appropriate, easy to make, mineral […]
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