Jonny Casey Gender Equality and Technology Innovation

Jonny leads the organisation's efforts to mainstream gender across its work, and supports the organisation's policy advocacy on Technology Justice. Jonny is leading a pioneering research project, Technology and the Future of Work, with WIEGO and the Rockefeller Foundation, and supports the team's work on post-2015 global processes.

Jonny is a graduate of Lancaster University and Linnaeus University, has conducted rural livelihoods research into primary school dropout rates in Mozambique, and previously worked on outreach projects with disadvantaged children and institutional carbon management strategies.

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  • Can agroecology disrupt agriculture to achieve the SDGs?
    Agriculture is back in the spotlight of development efforts, and is seen as central to achieving many of the interdependent Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and achieving the mitigation and adaptation targets of the Paris Agreement on climate change. With the global population expected to grow to over 9 billion by 2050, coupled with the negative impacts of climate change on agricultural production, a serious strain is being placed on the sector. This is exacerbated by the concentration of extreme poverty […]
  • Youth driving transformation of African agriculture
    On 16th and 17th February, the MasterCard Foundation will host the Young Africa Works Summit in Kigali, Rwanda, to address the opportunities for empowering young people to drive transformational change in African agriculture. Practical Action will be there to share evidence from its work of how technologies – from MP3 podcasts, to solar irrigation systems – can support young people to lead productive lives in agricultural areas, and move towards more sustainable, resilient farming. Education drives social change Significant improvements […]
  • Who controls innovation?
    Innovation is often heralded as the measure of progress of businesses, technologies and even societies. It is through innovation that we create not only new tools or apps, but also how we shift entire systems to new sets of standards, regulations and performance. But the focus and direction of innovation efforts are most often to create new private value – through more business profit – rather than greater social value – through meeting the basic needs of global populations. System […]
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Jonny Casey

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