'Resilience' is a powerful word that means a wealth of different things depending on who is saying it, to what audience, and in what context. For Practical Action, resilience is the ability of a system, community or society to pursue its social, ecological and economic development objectives while managing its disaster risk over time, in a mutually reinforcing way.

  • No general measurement framework for disaster resilience has been empirically verified yet (UNDP, 2014)
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resilience disaster risk livelihoods
Understanding livelihoods is essential to understanding resilience

The Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance, of which Practical Action is a core partner, is working to address the knowledge gap around resilience measurement.

Using current literature and the expertise of its members, the Alliance has developed a comprehensive framework designed to test the relevance of pre-determined indicators to community resilience. A cloud based tool and app have also been developed to support standardised application of the framework across different contexts. The tool is currently being tested across 10 country programmes by six international NGO’s under the current project phase which runs until mid-2018.

To find out more about the flood resilience measurement framework and the tool please visit the Measuring Resilience webpage.

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