Practical Action believes that inclusive market systems can and will help to ensure the sustainable delivery of energy services for the poor. Urgent action must be taken to scale-up solutions that make a difference to poor people, and we know that market mechanisms can play a key role in that.

Trading LPG canisters at a market
Traders sell LPG canisters

25x25 Electricity Access Action Collaborate

Practical Action has joined forces with Hivos, Power for All and SNV under the 25x25 Collaborative to urgently accelerate electricity access in 25 countries by 2025 by activating decentralised renewable energy (DRE) markets. The proposed interventions for catalysing these markets focus on:

    • Improving policy and regulatory frameworks
    • Increasing access to finance
    • Developing supply performance, and
    • Stimulating consumer demand.

The 25x25 Collaborative coordinates with government bodies, private sector actors, financial institutions, civil society organisations, donors and energy customers, building on its existing local presence and unique expertise in Sub-Saharan Africa and South and Southeast Asia.

Participatory market systems

Practical Action has long-standing expertise in working with agricultural market systems to help bring better livelihoods and greater value to smallholder farmers across the world. We have codified this knowledge in our Participatory Market Systems Development Roadmap (PMSD), and the Emergency Market Mapping Analysis toolkit (EMMA).

Decentralised Energy Markets

In the past couple of years we have applied this knowledge to the energy sector, and Practical Action Consulting together with EUEI-PDF have developed a framework to systematically analyse and assess decentralised energy service markets. This has been adapted for various energy sub-sectors including:

      • Electricity mini-grids
      • Solar PV lanterns
      • Solar PV home systems
      • Biomass cookstoves and fuels
      • LPG stoves and fuels

We have experience of applying this framework in various sectors including the cookstoves sector in Rwanda, solar PV lanterns in Malawi, and bioenergy markets in Sri Lanka and Kenya. We are using the framework in current work on Women's Economic Empowerment in Kenya, with Energia, and to help catalyse the entire national cookstoves sector in Ethiopia.



Building Energy Access Markets: A Value Chain Analysis of Key Energy Market Systems

This publication presents a new framework developed by EUEI PDF and Practical Action Consulting (PAC) to systematically and comprehensively analyse and assess energy market systems, with an initial...

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