The 2014 edition of the PPEO reflects on three years of analysis to highlight the vital enabling role that energy plays in lifting people out of poverty. The report pulls together key lessons from the 2010, 2012 and 2013 PPEOs and lays the foundation for PPEOs 2016 and 2017.

Total Energy Access

Woman lighting a fire outside for cooking

The PPEO 2014 revisits Practical Action's multidimensional Total Energy Access (TEA) approach that defines ‘access’ as when the full range of energy supplies and services required to support human social and economic development is available to households, community services and productive uses alike. The TEA approach to defining and measuring access illustrates the depth and complexity of achieving substantive and transformational access; which is often framed as purely a household issue.

  • For me, getting energy for cooking and lighting is a daily worry. I cook for my family only once a day in the evening. The fire provides the light for cooking and eating a meal with my children. After eating is bedtime. (Rosa, Kenya)
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Energy Access Ecosystem Index

The 2014 report further outlines the Energy Access Ecosystem Index that analyses the policy, capacity, and finance spaces which contribute to progress on energy poverty at the national level.



Panorama energético de los pobres 2014

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Poor People's Energy Outlook 2014 (Arabic)

ARABIC VERSION. This edition of the PPEO series looks back at three years of robust analysis and innovative approaches to defining and addressing energy poverty, as presented in previous PPEOs, to...


Poor People's Energy Outlook 2014

The 2014 edition of the PPEO looks back at three years of analysis and innovative approaches to defining energy access and addressing energy poverty as presented in previous PPEOs, to re-emphasise...


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