Practical Action works with a range of organisations worldwide, because we know that we can only bring about real change if we share our learning and collaborate. We share information at all levels, from people at the very grassroots of society to government institutions.

Working collaboratively with other NGOs, private sector organisations and government bodies, we leverage the experiences gained from our programme work to inform national, regional and global policy.

Some of our key partnerships in creating participatory and inclusive markets, which work for the poorest and most marginalised communities, are highlighted here.

  • BOND Private Sector Group +

    The BOND Private Sector Group is an important space for over 70 UK-based international NGOs to develop joint policy influencing and explore new trends in practice. Practical Action has been a key member of the group since its inception and we co-chair the steering group (CAFOD, CARE, Fairtrade, IRC, Mercy Corps, Oxfam, Practical Action, Traidcraft and VSO). We work together to influence policy and practice to promote inclusive and pro-poor approaches to private sector and economic development. This involves consultations with DFID on their economic development strategies and approaches. Read More
  • Africa Smallholder Farmers Group (ASFG) +

    Africa Smallholder Farmers Group (ASFG) is a network of UK-based international organisations that share a common commitment to working with and learning from smallholder farmers in Africa. Practical Action plays a leading role in the Farmers as Entrepreneurs Group. This group has developed a framework of policies, laws, regulations and practices that can support Africa's smallholder farmers in becoming market ready and help them sustain their market participation. The framework can be used to guide government and donor decisions and is a useful advocacy tool for NGOs and civil society. It has been the basis of our advocacy work on the World Bank’s new programme Enabling the Business of Agriculture Read More
  • SEEP Network +

    Practical Action has been a very active member of the SEEP Network since 2004. SEEP is a global network of international practitioner organizations dedicated to combating poverty through promoting inclusive markets and financial systems. One of the most important on-going initiatives of SEEP is their working groups, and one of the most active ones is MaFI (The Market Facilitation Initiative). Hundreds of MaFI members all over the world are constantly exploring practical applications of facilitation principles, methods and tools, sharing their knowledge with each other and helping each other to improve their practice. Since its inception, Practical Action has contributed to the development of MaFI because it contributes to key networking and learning processes that benefit its own staff and because it strongly believes that MaFI can play an important role in the advancement of good thinking and practice to leverage the power of markets to reduce poverty sustainably and at scale. Read More
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