Technology Justice Forum Infographic

A group of more than 80 invited participants from diverse industries and organisations joined us for two days of inspiration, collaboration and passionate debate about our shared future, and how technology will shape it, at the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation.

  • What would a world with fairer access to technology look and feel like?
  • What would it take to end the use of technology that harms others and the planet?
  • How must the nature of innovation change to support this?

Expert speakers helped us navigate through these huge, complex and at times overwhelming questions, offering their take on the most pressing injustices and challenges to creating a fairer technology system, and what we can do to make it happen.

Watch the videos

See what Chi Onwurah MP, Ben Ramalingam (IDS), Matthias Huisken (iFixit), Ken Banks (, Fiona Reid (Oxford fellow, former director of UKCDS)Simon Trace CBE (independent innovation consultant and former CEO of Practical Action), and StreetCode Academy of East Palo Alto, USA, had to say in these short, inspiring talks.


We asked some of those who attended two questions - why did you want to be part of this forum
and what is the change you want to bring about as a result? This is how they responded.

Listen to the Podcast

The speakers debate their different approaches and ideas in The Big Idea! Podcast produced by the University of Edinburgh.

Be part of the Just-Tech Community

We have created and launched an online hub with the University of Edinburgh hosting the outcomes of this first step in a collaboration and a kicking off wider conversation. Take a look at the

Join the Conversation

This is the start of an ongoing conversation. Be part of it. Join the discussion and contribute your ideas on how:

  • We can create systemic change on a global scale to fix a broken technology system
  • To inspire anger about technology injustice, and the passion to create a lasting change
  • To collaborate for an alternative future
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