We want a different future - one where technologies are fairly shared by all and used in a way that does not imperil our planet. But, this requires an urgent change in how innovation happens.

Women in Nepal use a video cameraThat is why we are calling individuals and organisations to action. We can all be part of a movement for Technology Justice: a clamour of voices demanding urgent change and working to fix a broken technology system.

Together, we can share and learn how to create and use more just technology; we can jointly raise voices to challenge the status quo and demand change.

We can form new alliances and partnerships and together forge a new path for technology and innovation.

  • We want to hear your ideas, and help you to connect with others to explore a new future for technology, people and the planet.
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We hosted our first major UK Technology Justice event in March, along with the University of Edinburgh Global Development Academy. Participants from diverse industries and organisations collaboratively explored what needs to happen to ensure that technology drives a more just future, focusing on three key themes: open technology, disrupting innovation and circular economy. Check out what was discussed on the Forum for Technology Justice page!

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