Practical Action works with a range of organisations worldwide, because we know that we can only bring about real change if we share our learning and collaborate. We share information at all levels, from people at the very grassroots of society to government institutions.

Working collaboratively with other NGOs, private sector organisations and government bodies, we leverage the experiences gained from our programme work to inform national, regional and global policy.

Some of our key partnerships in achieving inclusive services: livable cities for the poorest and most marginalised communities are highlighted here.

  • World Urban Campaign +

    Practical Action is a lead partner of the World Urban Campaign, and was on the executive committee that originally established the campaign. Its goal is to place the urban agenda at the highest level in development policies. Through producing documents such as ‘The Future we Want: The City We Need’ which sets out a vision for a ‘new urban agenda’, the Campaign is working towards achieving an Urban Goal and targets within the set of Sustainable Development Goals which is in line with our vision. It is also gearing up for the Habitat III conference in October 2016. Read More
  • End Water Poverty +

    Practical Action is a member of the End Water Poverty Campaign: a global civil society coalition campaigning to end the water and sanitation crisis. EWP works towards the recognition and realisation of the Human Right to Water and Sanitation, and campaigns for a truly ambitious and well-framed water and sanitation goal within the set of Sustainable Development Goals. It links with the Sanitation and Water for All, a global partnership which helps catalyse political and financial commitments to tackling the water and sanitation crisis through its two-yearly High Level Meetings, and national-level follow-up on commitments made. Read More
  • Urban SDG Campaign +

    Practical Action is a member of the Urban SDG campaign, which brings together civil society and other stakeholders to campaign for the inclusion of a dedicated goal on urban sustainable development within the post-2015 framework. The campaign is also making expert inputs to framing indicators for the proposed goal. Read More
  • BOND Water Network +

    Practical Action is an active member of the BOND UK Water Network which works to promote collaboration between UK-based NGOs working in the WASH sector, and to coordinate our advocacy efforts towards the UK Government on WASH issues. Read More
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