Practical Action, in partnership with Practical Action Publishing, produce 3 series of short publications, which draw upon the lessons and experiences drawn from Practical Action's work.

  • The Technology Justice Policy Briefing Series presents new evidence and learning from our programmatic and policy work to inform and challenge current development and technology debates. The series explores the challenges and opportunities for achieving Technology Justice in key sectors of our work.
  • The Poor People's Energy Policy Briefing Series seeks to inform how we can deliver on global, regional, and national energy access commitments, with one aim: to reach the universal energy access goal by 2030 and provide poor people with the energy services they demand, need, and have a right to.
  • The Resilience in Practice Briefing Series is focused on informing practice change of development practitioners, and those that fund, support and partner with them. The Zurich Flood Resilience Programme gives Practical Action an unprecedented opportunity to develop and demonstrate innovative and creative approaches to improving the resilience of poor, flood-vulnerable communities. This briefing series will share our experience and examples of best practice in resilience-building work.
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