Renewable Energy Enables Climate Change Adaptation for Smallholders

This policy brief supports Practical Action's 'Planting for Progress' campaign, which focusses on our work with smallholder farmers in Zimbabwe. Despite providing a significant proportion of the world's food supply, smallholders are often the most vulnerable to climate change. However, by combining conservation agriculture methods with solar-powered irrigation technologies, it is possible for...

Stevens, Lucy; Henderson, Chris; Taylor, Charlotte; Maria, Goss; Hopewell, Zheke, Published by Practical Action 2018

Coffee Agroforestry: Transforming a vital agricultural sector for a conservation and development ‘win-win’ in Peru

The objective of this paper is to promote collaboration in policy and planning between business-oriented agriculturalists, conservation-oriented foresters, and climate change-oriented environmentalists. Agriculture, forestry, environment, and land-use policies should incentivize agroforestry over conventional coffee farming and other practices that lead to deforestation or degradation of...

Lili Ilieva; Chris Henderson, Published by Practical Action 2017

Fertile Ground

A short documentary on soil conditions and options for scaling up access to organic fertilisers for improved productivity in Bangladesh.

Practical Action Bangladesh, Published by Practical Action 2017

Market based approach to scale up Organic Fertiliser in Nepal

There is enormous need for improving soil fertility, inorder to boost the agricultural productivity in Nepal. Therefore, it requires collaborative effort from all the actors; such as NGOs, farmers, entrepreneurs and government. Practical Action strives to bring these actors together to scale up the use of organic fertiliser in Nepal. Together, we hope to revive the fertility of soil and sustain...

Practical Action Nepal, Published by Practical Action 2017

Summary report of the high-level workshop on scaling up agroecology to achieve the SDGs

The aim of this workshop was to explore the potential of agroecology to achieve growth, resilience,poverty reduction and food security with a range of development organisations from civil society, research and government, in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Thirty people from sixteen different organizations attended the workshop. The specific objectives were to develop...

Chris Henderson; Jonathan Casey; Seth Cook; Barbara Adolph, Published by Practical Action 2015

Agroforesteria multiestrato en el cultivo de café: Éxito ecónomco y ambiental

Presentación sobre el trabajo Soluciones Prácticas' en Perú en la producción de café sostenible en los bosques tropicales.

Jorge Elliot, Published by Practical Action 2015

Agroecology, Small farmers and Livelihoods: A Critical Analysis for Sustainable Development

Productive and sustainable agrarian systems are key to the livelihoods of small farmers and the economies of developing countries. However, conventional, intensive and monoculture agricultural systems have over exploited the natural reserves resulting in severe environmental degradation parallel to high prevalence of global hunger and malnutrition. In response, agroecology has arisen as the...

Javeria Hashmi, Published by Practical Action 2015

Scaling up Agroecology Through Market Systems

To eradicate extreme poverty means focusing on the 500 million smallholders so they can reliably generate more food and income from their agricultural activities. This paper uses the three pillars of Technology Justice (access, local innovation, and sustainable use of technologies) to assess the range of agricultural development pathways available. Agroecology emerges as the strongest pathway...

Chris Henderson; Jonathan Casey, Published by Practical Action 2015

Climate Smart Agriculture and Smallholder Farmers

The critical role of Technology Justice in effective adaptation. Agricultural adaptation to climate change is critical for food security and economic development; if it is to be truly ‘climate-smart’ for smallholder farmers, it must be inclusive and protect the natural resource base upon which agricultural livelihoods depend. This paper uses Technology Justice as a lens to discuss the climate...

Jodi Sugden, Published by Practical Action 2015

Policy Position Paper Agriculture

This paper describes our influencing work on Agriculture. It explains why we are working on this issue, outlines our aims and approaches, and sets out our recommendations.

Chris Henderson, Published by Practical Action 2013

Agriculture Policy Position Paper for COP 20 Peru December 2014

A paper presented at COP20 to highlight the 'Crucial Role of Smallholder Farmers for Food Security and Eliminating Poverty in a Changing Climate'. It argues that agroecology can be a powerful tool to help the poorest and most marginalised smallholder farmers adapt to climate change in a sustainable way while achieving growth.

Chris Henderson; Jonathan Casey, Published by Practical Action 2014

Supporting Smallholder Farmers in Africa: A Framework for an Enabling Environment

Smallholder farmers form the backbone of economic activity in most African countries. They have the potential to play a crucial role in supplying food to the continent’s population and bringing about economic transformation in rural areas. However, government policies and practices are often unresponsive to their needs, meaning they struggle to improve their productivity or access to markets. To...

Hester Le Roux et al, Published by Practical Action 2013

What Works for Women

Briefing paper on proven approaches for empowering women smallholder farmers. Report by Practical Action and eight other NGOs to share lessons learnt based on their experiences of promoting gender equality and working with women smallholders over many decades.

Ruchi Tripathi; Youjin B Chung; Karl Deering; Nadia Saracini; Robin Willoughby; Olivia Wills; Monique Mikhail; Hilary Warburton; Daphne Jayasinghe; Jenny Rafanomezana; Marina Churm, Published by Practical Action 2012

Prioritizing marginalized producers: Practical Action's approach to food and livelihood security

Practical Action's approach to addressing the food and livelihood insecurity of such marginalized small-scale producers is to work with the people to build their capabilities for innovation and adaptation; improve their access to a wide range of technologies and skills; and enable them to find sustainable solutions for the future.

Katherine Pasteur, Published by Practical Action 2011

Community based conflict reduction and peace building in Kebkabiya, North Darfur

This project aimed to increase the adaptive capacity of both agriculturalist and pastoralist communities in Kebakabiya, through cooperative land management planning, conflict resolution, and improved access to water with appropriate technology. Practical Action’s innovative approach involved establishing community based organisations (CBOs) and Peace Committees, that resolve disputes, identify...

Mohammed Saddig Suliman; Jodi Sugden, Published by Practical Action 2015

Mainstreaming Livelihood Centred Disaster Risk Reduction

The LCDRR project in Zimbabwe aimed to build a disaster resilient community. Four components namely future un-certainty, hazards & stresses, governance and livelihoods were identified as factors affecting resilience. Objectives were developed with indicators to enhance resilience. The project was measured against indicators developed through a participatory baseline survey

Henry Muchedzi, Published by Practical Action 2015

Transforming Smallholder-Private Sector Relationships to Take Agroecological Community-Based Adaptation to Scale

A poster focusing on the role of the private sector in enhancing climate change adaptation for agroforestry coffee systems in Peru

Roberto Montero, Published by Practical Action 2015

M&E as a Management Function for Continuous Learning and Adaptation of Vulnerable Groups in South Asia

Poster presented by Practical Action South Asia at the CBA9 Conference in Nairobi, Kenya, 2015

Sujan Piya, Published by Practical Action 2015


A poster presented by Practical Action Zimbabwe at the CBA9 conference in Nairobi, Kenya, 2015, on institutionalising Community-based Adaptation (CBA) by training of extensionists

Henry Muchedzi, Published by Practical Action 2015

Transforming smallholder-private sector relationships to take agro-ecological community based adaptation to scale: agro coffee systems in Peru

A poster produced for the CBA9 conference which illustrates our community based climate change and adaptation work in Peru.

Practical Action, Published by Practical Action, United Kingdom 2015


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