Climate Change


Keep climate change top of the global agenda

Climate change is happening now and its effects are felt most by the world’s poorest and most marginalised communities. Please share to keep climate change top of the global agenda.

Olivia Flint; Jonathan Casey, Published by Practical Action 2017

Interview series of the Nairobi work programme - Episode 3

Sven Harmeling (CARE International), Karin Lexén (SIWI) and Colin McQuistan (Practical Action) discuss why action on climate change is urgently needed, introduce their organizations’ engagement in taking stronger climate action and highlight priority areas of intervention.

Colin McQuistan; Sven Harmeling; Karin Lexén, Published by UNFCCC 2016

¿De qué manera los enfoques de género fortalecen el desarrollo compatible con el clima? Lecciones desde Perú

El estudio de caso de Perú analizó las experiencias de las Redes de Gestión de Riesgos y Adaptación al Cambio Climático (conocidas localmente como GRIDES) en las ciudades de Cajamarca y Huaraz. Se encontró que el enfoque de género fue comprendido y promovido principalmente como la participación de las mujeres en los espacios de toma de decisiones. Como resultado, se discutió sobre el enfoque de...

María Teresa Arana; Alicia Quezada; Becky Clements, Published by CDKN 2016

How do gender approaches improve climate compatible development? Lessons from Peru

The Peruvian case study examined the experiences of the Risk Management and Climate Change Adaptation Networks (known locally as GRIDES) in the Peruvian cities of Cajamarca and Huaraz and found that the gender approach was primarily understood and promoted as the participation of women in decision-making spaces. As a result, the gender approach was discussed during GRIDES meetings and in local...

María Teresa Arana; Alicia Quezada; Becky Clements, Published by CDKN 2016

How do gender approaches contribute to climate compatible development? Lessons from Kenya

The Kenyan case study examined the experiences of Kisumu, Kenya, drawing lessons from the five-year project ‘People’s Plans into Practice (PPP): Building Productive and Liveable Settlements with Slum Dwellers in Kisumu and Kitale’. The findings presented in this brief are based on interviews and focus group discussions held with key informants, as well as a review of relevant literature, policy...

Elvin Nyukuri; Lars Otto Naess; Lisa Schipper, Published by CDKN 2016

How do gender approaches improve climate compatible development? Lessons from India

This policy brief explores the advantages and challenges of integrating a gender dimension into climate compatible development strategies in urban settings, with a focus on the Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network (ACCCRN) project in India. An initiative funded by The Rockefeller Foundation, the project was implemented in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh by the Gorakhpur Environmental Action...

Reetu Sogani; K.R. Viswanathan; Becky Clements, Published by CDKN 2016

10 things to know: Gender equality and achieving climate goals

This report draws out the headline messages of a research project by Practical Action Consulting (PAC) with the Institute of Development Studies (IDS), commissioned by CDKN, to investigate the potential for climate compatible development to empower people, using case studies from Peru, India and Kenya. As most research into gender and climate change so far has been carried out in rural contexts,...

Sebastian Kratzer; Virginie Le Masson, Published by CDKN 2016

The Right Climate for Development: why the SDGs must act on climate change

This briefing outlines the findings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Assessment Review (AR5) that climate change is already affecting poverty reduction and sustainable development. If action is not taken to cut emissions and to support communities to adapt to the changes that they are already experiencing, its impacts will only increase.

Kate Munro, Published by Practical Action 2014


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