Markets and Private Sector


Supply Chain Assessment Report-Nuwakot and Rasuwa

Practical Action conducted an assessment of overall demand and supply situation of reconstruction materials in Nuwakot and Rasuwa Districts of Nepal. The study has identified major issues around the construction materials and recommends probable measures to address the issues.

Practical Action Nepal Office, Published by Practical Action 2017

Pre-Crisis Market Analysis of Vegetables Market System in Nepal - Informing Disaster Preparedness, Emergency Response and Livelihoods Recovery

The Pre Crisis Market Assessment (PCMA) report on vegetable market systems. Vegetable are an important commodity that needs to be accessed for livelihoods during floods.

Bibek Shreshtha, Published by Practical Action, Nepal 2016

The Rice Market System in Tikapur & Rajapur areas, Nepal

Pre-Crisis Market Analysis (PCMA) report on the rice market systems in Kailali and Bardiya Districts, on the Karnali River, Nepal, as part of the Zurich Flood Resilience Programme.

Noémie de la Brosse; Al Cunningham, Published by Practical Action, Nepal 2016

ACRE impact report 2016

ACRE understands that rural enterprises are often unable to access critical technical services, mentoring and funding to enable them to go to scale. ACRE seeks to address these challenges to help them grow sustainably while increasing their impact.

ACRE, Published by ACRE 2016

ACRE: Access to Capital for Rural Enterprises

ACRE is a not-for-profit international development scheme led by Christian Aid, Practical Action and a group of NGO's to support rural enterprises in developing countries. For the launch of the scheme, we created a video to promote the ACRE programme, showing how the support and investment they provide can help to benefit small businesses and their communities.

No Magnolia Productions; Christian Aid; Practical Action, Published by No Magnolia Productions 2016

Beyond Farmers and Micro-entrepreneurs: Why rural wage labour matters

Recognising the importance of wage work in the income streams and resilience of the poor, the BEAM Exchange and USAID’s Leveraging Economic Opportunities (LEO) project organised and hosted an open, online discussion on the links between wage work, poverty, and market systems development.

Lucho Osorio; Anna Garloch; Bernd Mueller; Ben Fowler; Louise Fox, Published by BEAM Exchange 2015

Monitoring and measuring change in market systems – rethinking the current paradigm

Changes in markets must be monitored and measured using approaches that embrace their dynamic and unpredictable nature. Advances in complexity sciences can provide useful principles and concepts to build the foundations of more effective and relevant monitoring and evaluation frameworks for both market and financial systems. This paper is a synthesis of the work of the Systemic Monitoring and...

Lucho Osorio; Marcus Jenal, Published by SEEP Network 2013

ACRE: Access to Capital for Rural Enterprises

Access to Capital for Rural Enterprise (ACRE) is a not-for-profit consortium of international NGOs. It is led by Christian Aid and includes Traidcraft, Twin Trading, Practical Action and Challenges Worldwide. Access to Capital for Rural Enterprises (ACRE) aims to overcome the time and cost barriers to impactfirst investment in rural enterprises in developing markets. ACRE NGOs have long-term...

Practical Action, Published by Practical Action, United Kingdom 2015

EMMA introduction and overview chapter

The EMMA toolkit is a guidance manual for humanitarian staff in sudden-onset emergencies. It aims to improve emergency responses by encouraging and assisting relief agencies to better understand, support and make use of local market-systems in disaster zones.

Mike Albu, Published by Practical Action, United Kingdom 2002

Christian Aid and Pro-poor Market Development

Christian Aid believes that by pursuing more market-orientated approaches we can create opportunities for enterprises run by poor people to grown in scale, profitability and strength, so that they are less likely to fail when faced with economic or environmental stress.

James Cannon; Clare Clifton, Published by Christian Aid 2012

Markets and the Private Sector

This paper describes our policy work on market systems and the private sector. It explains why we are working on this issue, outlines our aims and approaches, and sets out our recommendations.

Alison Griffith, Published by Practical Action, United Kingdom 2013

Impact Awards - Poster - Zimbabwe

Practical Action, Published by Zimbabwe 2011

Impact Awards - Poster - Peru

Practical Action, Published by Peru 2011

Impact Awards - Poster - Bangladesh

Practical Action, Published by Bangladesh 2011

Advocacy Guide Book

Practical Action, Published by Bangladesh 2011

A Report of the Latin American Technology Needs Assessment Workshop 2011

Lucho Osorio, Published by United Kingdom 2011


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